Kinetic Art - Light Sculpture

Session 5 Review (2 June 2015)

In this session we will construct simple card sculptures.

Session 6 Review (9 June 2015)

In this session we will construct simple card sculptures using only strips of white, grey, or black card.

After completion of our individual sculptures, we will combine them to form a single sculpture that we can illuminate with a bright lamp before sketching the result.

Session 7 Review (16 June 2015)

Having seen how simple sculptural shapes can be affected by strong lighting, we will now create self-contained light boxes, using simple geometric cut-out shapes to form a screen through which light will be projected onto a translucent screen for viewing the effects produced.

Session 8 Review (23 June 2015)

Visit to St Oswald's Church, Methley. Peter Bloodworth, (Church Warden) kindly opened the Church for the Art Group. Steeped in history, the Church is a fine example of historical significance. There are a couple of websites here and here.

After a short tour from Peter, the group chose areas to sketch from. We also took a number of photographs to work from in our next session, but the general consensus of opinion was that we could have spent much longer in such an interesting and stimulating location. Peter is happy for members of the group to contact him at any time, to arrange further visits. The next official open days of the Church will be on 11 & 12 July and 1 & 2 August 2015.

See our Church visit page here