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The art shown on this website was produced under the teaching of Richard Gentle

Richard has an Honours Degree in Fine Art and Sculpture, and a PGCE in Secondary Craft, Design & Technology teaching.

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Please note that this was a website about the original group, and not the current, or any future group. Days, times and costs are likely to be different to those shown.

Art Group Term Dates - 2016

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The Beginners class was on Thursdays between 10:00 am and Midday during term time (although some school terms may differ).

Cost is for a 2-hour session (paid termly in advance. This covers teaching and room hire. You will need a few materials (
info here).

Art currently runs term time only with Caroline Marshall

If you would like to join the Methley Art Group, let Jo know at the café. Sessions will still run on Thursday between 10 am and midday, during term time.

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Richard's Member feedback

"Thoroughly enjoying the classes so far, already feel I learnt so much... There's a lovely energy in the class and it feels like everyone has gelled well which just adds to a more positive experience." - Tracy


What do I need to bring?

The following list may seem quite long, but you should be able to get most of the essentials for about £20 in total. (See 'Artists Materials' section above right).

You will need to bring the following essential items:

> Drawing paper sketch book size A4 and/or A3*
> Watercolour paper sketch book size A4 and/or A3 (or a few individual sheets)
> Set of pencils from 2H up to 6B (some sets have an extended range)
> Small modelling knife to sharpen pencils
> Pencil rubber (and/or putty rubber)
> Set of acrylic paints (small tubes is fine)
> Set of watercolour paints (small tubes or tablets)
> Paint brushes - a range of sizes and types
> Small jar or something to hold water for rinsing brushes
> White ceramic plate for mixing paints on. (Plastic palettes are unstable)
> Small cloth for wiping brushes
> Plain wet-wipes for wiping any maks made on tables, etc.
> Small artist's palette knife (for mixing and/or applying paint)

You may also like to purchase:

> Set of gouache paints (small tubes is fine)
> Ruler (if possible metal to double as a cutting edge)
> Cutting mat (self-healing, usually green, A4 or A3)
> Box of black charcoal (natural sticks and variety of thicknesses)
> Some white chalk
> Set of chalk pastels (coloured)
> Small piece of sponge (for smudging)
> Gum strip roll (Paper tape with a dry glue side you make wet to stretch paper)
> Piece of plywood large enough to leave a 3" margin around paper

In addition to the above, you will also come across a number of other items which you may decide to try out, such as powdered paints, liquid pencil brushes, inks, etc.

What will we do in the beginners' group?

This group is intended for anyone who is interested in art in broad terms, but who has not had much experience of using art materials or started to develop their own techniques or style.

Starting from basic mark-making, you will be encouraged to explore the different materials and mediums available and to gain experience of both what qualities materials have and which of those qualities you would like to develop in your work. This will include being taught various techniques which you will then be able to explore more fully.

In addition to experimenting with materials, we will look at some of the many styles and movements in art, discuss which artists and works appeal to us and try out both figurative and abstract methods of working.

Personal work will sometimes centre around personally chosen themes of interest and teaching will be applied in ways to support individual progression.

Artists Materials

There are many places you can buy art materials. On the high street, places such as 'The Works', Wilko, or pound shops, have many items - although they tend to be price over quality. However, it will give you the opportunity to try things out with little outlay until you discover the mediums you prefer working with - then you can purchase better quality items. As you develop your work, good quality materials start to become more important - particularly where paints and brushes are concerned. Another outlet you could visit is The Range. They have a store finder here.

One recommended place for brushes is Rosmary & Co

One recommended general supplier is
Art Supplies

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* Paper sizes:

paper sizes

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