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Please note that this was a website about the original group, and not the current, or any future group. Days, times and costs are likely to be different to those shown.

If you would like to join this class, please contact Richard at:

The cost is £8 per 2-hour session (paid in termly or half-termly amounts) on Thursdays during term time from 10:00 am to midday. See session dates on the information page.

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"I really have enjoyed all the challenges you've brought to each session even if at times I might scowl n drag my feet, it's stretched me n forced me to grow and that can never be a bad thing!!!!" - Tracy

Who is this class for?

This class is intended for anyone who is interested in art in broad terms, but who has not had much experience of using art materials or started to develop their own techniques or style. No previous experience is necessary.

Starting from basic mark-making, you will be encouraged to explore the different materials and mediums available and to gain experience of both what qualities materials have and which of those qualities you would like to develop in your work. This will include being taught various techniques which you will then be able to explore more fully.

In addition to experimenting with materials, we will look at some of the many styles and movements in art, discuss which artists and works appeal to us and try out both figurative and abstract methods of working.

Personal work will centre around personally chosen themes of interest and teaching will be applied in ways to support individual progression.

Artists Materials

There are many places you can buy art materials. On the high street, places such as 'The Works', Wilko, or pound shops, have many items - although they tend to be price over quality. However, it will give you the opportunity to try things out with little outlay until you discover the mediums you prefer working with - then you can purchase better quality items. As you develop your work, good quality materials start to become more important - particularly where paints and brushes are concerned. Another outlet you could visit is The Range. They have a store finder here.

One recommended place for brushes is Rosmary & Co

One recommended general supplier is Ken Bromley's
Art Supplies

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Art Group Feedback

"Thoroughly enjoying the classes so far, already feel I learnt so much... There's a lovely energy in the class and it feels like everyone has gelled well which just adds to a more positive experience." - Tracy

"I have been in the class about 35 weeks now. I have really enjoyed the class,we have used all kinds of mediums and visited a church in methley to sketch outside graves trees walls. Inside we sketched mouseman furniture and we have sketched in the countryside at St Aidan's site. Every one in the class has improved It is a very friendly class." - Stan

"As an absolute beginner, the introductions to many techniques, approaches and working with various mediums, has enabled me to discover & learn about a fairly wide variety of Art.

"I can't say enough, how frustrated I've been with my inability to pick up several techniques or learning points at the beginning of many classes, being a beginner, but by the end of class, many times I've left with a smile on my face, after managing to rise to the challenge and producing something for me, that is worthwhile.

"The photographs of our work, Richard takes for the website and the feedback each week, has given me more confidence, feeling proud sometimes ("did I do that?" ), or just as positively, enabling me to improve, with the use of constructive feedback.

Moreover the group has a warm rapport, due to the people in it, making it a nice place to be." - Mags

"I really did enjoy the experience. To look at all different mediums. I quickly discovered which did appeal. Unfortunately I found it dull if it wasn't my thing e.g. perspectives drawing, glass objects, or stitching. A sign of my impatience ??

" The teaching was very good and positive especially things like shadows. Sadly there were times when I wasn't able to attend and I found it rather expensive then, but I understand the reasoning. The venue was rather dark and it could be cumbersome the amount of items to transport.

"Having been slightly negative, I miss the group and the time it allows me to lose myself in art. I was considering returning in autumn but from your email Richard, it looks as though it is finishing. Thanks and best wishes for your future." - Rebecca

"I think one word sums up our class with Richard at RiversMeet 'challenging' As a class we have been opened up to a whole new world of what comes under the heading 'art' We have used a wide variety of medium, covering a spectrum of projects and theory. As a class our abilities and desires are widely differing, Richard has managed to deal with this admirably. I am sorry he is moving on, thank you Kath."