As your artwork develops, you will start to notice that the space in your house begins to diminish! This is usually because of all the resources and materials that you start to collect - whether it be extra paints or part of an interesting tree you found in a field. But don't worry - this is a natural part of being an artist.

Of course, many people reduce their physical collections by taking photographs. However, this is never really a completely adequate substitution for having the real object in front of you, or for standing or sitting in the original's proximity.


Artists Materials

There are many places you can buy art materials. On the high street, places such as 'The Works' or Wilko have many items - although they tend to be price over quality. However, it will give you the opportunity to try things out with little outlay until you discover the mediums you prefer working with - then you can purchase better quality items.

One recommended place for brushes is Rosmary & Co

One recommended general supplier is
Art Supplies

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